AFYAPLUS is a non-profit and non-business organization registered under the NGO act dealing with prevention and control of diseases through Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Adolescence and Young Women Empowerment. In our country social, economic facilities and services, such as health, education, water, sanitation, nutrition, hygiene etc. have not met community needs and demand and the government has from time to time called individuals, groups and communities to use their ample abilities to assist the government in Providing social and economic services for the welfare and development of all the people of Tanzania, and Whereas, It is recognized that health and community development professionals through community involvement and participation can be mobilized to use their ample potentials to solve problems related to their needs and there are able to provide social and economic facilities and community based services for the welfare and development of all Tanzanians.













A responsible healthy Tanzanian community free from diseases caused by unsafe water, poor sanitation  and hygiene services; and where adolescent girls and young girls are empowered.  


To cultivate behavior change and build a strong community through the promotion of Water Sanitation and  Hygiene services and empowerment of adolescents girls and young women through engaging relevant stakeholders.


To improve school performance and create a community free from diseases caused by lack of safe and clean water, poor sanitation, and hygiene and empower adolescent girls and young women in a community.


Our story is prevention.

Latest News 

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We are Hiring   IT and Communication Officer
Jan 06 , 2023

1. Bachelor's degree in Information technology and communications.
2. Knowledge of desktop publishing software (InDesign/Photoshop).
3. Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal skills.
4. Good time management and organizational skills.
5. Proficient in Microsoft Office, content management systems, and social media platforms... Read more..

Afyaplus Organization 2nd  WASH GALA Report has been released
March 22 , 2022

Afyaplus 2nd WASH Gala is a hundred percent partner's contributions and the major aim of the event was to collaborate with different stakeholders to come up with a sustanaible solution for improving WASH services in Iringa and to raise enough funds for initiating 5 reusable sanitary pad laboratories... Read more..


Safe and adequate water supply and sanitation in schools are pre-requisites for the right to basic education for school children. We know that access to adequate WASH services in Tanzanian schools is Vital and may contribute to improved education and health of children by reducing the number of days missed in schools due to diarrhoea and gastrointestinal diseases and providing more time for learning tasks.
  We work hard to achieve this fundamental human right to as many students in rural Tanzania as we can – but there are still many schools on our list. We truly appreciate any and every donation to support our efforts in achieving access to WASH services in schools and as with every project of ours, you can be assured that every donation will go directly to our projects.
Thank you, your donation will help to change so many lives in rural Tanzania.

Afyaplus Organization Quarter 3 Report has been released
Nov 5 , 2022

Working towards sustainable development goal no.4 and 6 , Afyaplus organization in collaboration with government and other stakeholders has managed to achieve the following . ... Read more..

We are hiring the Resource Mobilization Officer Intern
August 29 , 2022

Resource Mobilization Officer Intern
Job Description
1. Facilitate the development of a Afyaplus Resource Mobilization Strategy that includes securing new, diverse and additional resources for Afyaplus. The strategy should respond to Afyaplus funding needs.
2.Conduct and develop a 5-year funding needs assessment for Afyaplus. ... Read more..

We are hiring the Assistant Accountant Volunteer
August  29 , 2022

Assistant Accountant Volunteer
Job Description
1. To assist in preparation  of Organization and project budget.
2. To Create and implement financial policies to guarantee operational efficiency
3. To assist in managing records and receipts of all income and expenses
 Read more..

AfyaPlus Organization Quater 2 Report 2022 has been released
August 1 , 2022

Working towards Sustainable Development Goals  no 4 and 6 ,Afyaplus organization in collaboration with government as well as other stakeholders managed to achieve the following ..   Read more..

AfyaPlus Organization Quater 1 Report for 2022 has been released.
May 17 , 2022

During this quater AfyaPlus Organization in collaboration with the Government and other stakeholders managed to facilitate construction of hand washing stations in schools... Read more..

AfyaPlus Organization conducted AfyaPlus 2nd WASH GALA
March 22 , 2022

On every International World Water Day, Afyaplus Organization always celebrates by preparing water sanitation and hygiene event known as AfyaPlus WASH Gala. For this year 2022 the theme for WASH gala was Multi-sector collaboration to support water services in Iringa. The major aim.... Read more..

We are hiring a Communication Officer
March 29 , 2022

Communications officer
Job Description
1. Develop communications strategy for the organization.
2. Develop, write and edit marketing and communications materials, including press releases, blog posts and social media content.
3. Identify and Respond to media inquiries and perform media outreach to achieve brand placement in publication
 Read more..

AfyaPlus Organization's Annual Report for 2021 has been released.
January 26 , 2022

The purpose of releasing this Annual report is to provide public disclosure of Organization's operating and project activities over the past year.
AFYA PLUS is a not-for-profit organization operating its core development agenda of prevention and control of diseases through promotion of water sanitation and hygiene (WASH), Nutrition and empowerment of girls and young women. Initially, the organization was established and registered in June 2017 as a Community Based Organization (CBO) operating in Iringa region. Later, in June, 2020 it attained registration as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) under the Non-Governmental Organizations Act, No. 24 of 2002 as amended from time to time Read more..

Afyaplus Organization learning different strategic ways of of implementing empowerment sessions
March 14 , 2022

Afyaplus Organization learning different strategic ways of of implementing empowerment sessions like mindset sessions, entrepreneurship, nutrition, sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and Village servings and loans association (VSLA) as a great way for women to take control of their economic status. Read more..

Afyaplus Organization Volunteering Opportunity.
November 19 , 2021

Terms of Reference (ToR) for Volunteers with Experience in Finance and Accounting, Communication, Programs and project management, Partnership and resources mobilization and Monitoring and evaluation, Information Technology are invited to Apply. Read more..

AfyaPlus Organization Handed Hands washing facilities to Regional Commissioner of Iringa Region.
July 19, 2021

On 15th July, 2021, AfyaPlus Organization Handed Hands washing facilities for 15 schools in Iringa region to Iringa Regional Commissioners Hon. Queen Cuthbert Sendiga. Other important guests included Iringa Regional Medical officer, Iringa Regional Health Officer, Iringa Regional Organization Moderator and other stakeholders Read more..


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Launching  of  the safe pad lab project Baseline Survey 
 12 Sept  2022

Monitoring and Evaluation offers opportunity to be responsive ,flexible and actively involved in the development of an effective project as well as scale up intervention.
Afyaplus in focus to this have managed to begin the baseline survey in 28 schools of Iringa region so as to study the relevance of the safe pad lab project ,assess the changes before and after the intervention of the project.

The Visit of Furaha Group in Tanangozi Village, Iirnga.
 Sept 5, 2022

Afyaplus Management Team represented by the Program Coordinator Miss.Namkunda Mbwambo ,The Project Officer, Miss.Nelly Ponera and IT and Communication Officer managed to visit the Improve100 Beneficiaries of Furaha Group and assess the overall progress of the VSLA  group and share ideas and recommendation for the  success of the group towards achieving the goals.

The Tour of Afyaplus Board Members to AfyaPlus ongoing projects.
August 31, 2022 

Afyaplus  Board of Directors Members namely : The chair person, Dr. Hussein Lujuo Mohammed and Board Member, Mr.Severine Allute manged to visit and assess the overall progress of on-going project managed by Afyaplus Management Team which are the water in school project as well as the Improve100 project whereby they were encouraged on the overall progress of the projects .

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